Finally A T-Shirt About Trump And Muslims We Can Agree With (IMAGES)

While Donald Trump’s role as the leader of the new era of hate in America may be coming to an end, you can be sure the rage he’s incited has not. Trump’s campaign was destined to succeed as a GOP contender when he pandered to America’s lowest hanging fruit, enticing our worst and dumbest from the shadows and giving them pride and a voice.

It’s for that same reason that he is also destined to fail as more and more Americans begin to realize that Trump isn’t about change or safety. He doesn’t care about women or healthcare or veterans. Trump is out for Trump. He wants to take the keys to the White House directly from Barack Obama in some sort of sick vendetta that will give him the ability to make things even more lopsided for him and his rich friends while putting the strongest military machine the world has ever known at his fingertips.

It’s about money and power, plain and simple. The vehicle to get him there is hate.

The T-Shirts you’ll see being sold at Trump rallies and on sites like CafePress and Zazzle by people whose names start with “deplorable” are indicative of that hate:


Imagine the looks you’d get if you were to actually wear one of those to…say…your child’s elementary school. The dog park. The mall. Unless you live deep in heart of stupidville where you could expect high fives from toothless inbreds who think hate is for freedom loving patriots, you’d be mocked relentlessly as you walked through a sea of people shaking their heads in disbelief at what a total cretin you are.

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Trump rallies are the sovereign soil of the stupid. Shirts like those and worse have been commonplace. That’s why when this came rolling across Twitter early this morning I felt the need to share it with as many people as possible. Finally a shirt about Muslims, fear and Donald Trump I would actually buy:


Have you seen an awesome anti-Trump you just have to share? Do you own one of your own? We’d love to see them. Drop them in the Facebook comments for all the peace-loving hippie liberals like us, otherwise known as “sane people,” to enjoy!

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