Florida Christian College To Allow Staff To Carry Guns On Campus

Welp, the students at one Florida college are about to be a little less safe. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and Southeastern University President Dr. Kent Ingle announced a super awesome partnership on Friday that will allow certain members of the school’s faculty to carry guns on campus. YIPEE! MOAR GUNZ!

According to the sheriff’s office, the program would enable authorized, and ‘comprehensively trained employees of the university to carry concealed firearms on campus for the purpose of rapidly responding to an active assailant on campus.’ Employees of the private, Christian college will be allowed to carry weapons would be required to complete more than 100 hours of training, and pass both psychological and criminal background checks.

The teachers will apparently be authorized to Rambo it up if there is an active shooter on campus because they will have trained for a little over 100 hours. Think about that for a moment. The sheriff’s department thinks that training the staff for the equivalent of working a full-time job for two weeks will prepare these staff members to take down an active shooter. To put that into perspective, here at GOPocalypse we train our new writers for a month before we allow them to write on their own. A month for writing, about two weeks for killing dangerous shooters. The sheriff said that they would have to go through some additional training but didn’t explain what it was or how much. We should just trust that these educators will be ready to take out a shooter like they are a member of the Polk County SWAT team.

Now, let’s just be clear: it is preferable that if the dumbasses at this college want to allow guns on campus, they make sure the people who are carried them are trained. However, it is silly to think that the campus is going to suddenly be safer because there are more guns around. In fact, a 2015 University of South Florida Nielsen Sunshine State Survey found that 73% of adults in Florida believe that it would be heading in the “wrong direction” to allow concealed carry on campuses. That’s right, even in the land of Stand Your Ground and zombie face eating drug addicts people do not want guns on school campuses but apparently Judd and Ingle didn’t get the memo.

Let’s all send the poor students at Southeastern University our thoughts and prayers. They’re going to need them.


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