Florida Lawmaker Brings The Threat Of Zika To The House Floor To Scare GOP Into Action

A pissed off Florida Republican has had enough of his own party’s nonsense in playing the “block everything” game with funds needed to combat the Zika virus in his home state. Representative David Jolly is so disgusted with the GOP playing politics with the lives of his voters that he brought in a jar filled with approximately 100 of the mosquitoes that are capable of carrying the Zika virus and held it aloft on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Talk about a bug bomb. Right? You gotta hand it to this guy. In spite of the normal inclinations that Republicans have towards stupidity, he had a brilliant idea on how to draw national attention to the truly disgusting crappola being flung at America by the GOP.

Republicans have been willfully adding on poison-pill riders to the Zika funding bill, such as amendments to defund Planned Parenthood, or damage Obamacare (yes they’re STILL at it with the Obamacare). It’s such a joke. They want to defund Planned Parenthood to “protect the unborn” while they allow Zika to go unchecked, which has been scientifically linked to harming fetuses if the mother becomes infected.

“I brought these mosquitoes here today to convey that fear and that anxiety of millions of Americans, of Floridians. Can you imagine, colleagues, the fear and anxiety in this chamber if these mosquitoes were outside this jar, not inside this jar? Members of Congress would run down the hall to the physician’s office to be tested. They would spray themselves before coming down here. This is the fear of Floridians! Right here!

He’s right. Republicans would soil their undergarments if they thought one Zika bug was within 100 miles of them, but when it comes to regular people it’s “out of sight, out of mind.”

They’d prefer to attach horrible legislation to the bill, just so they can jump up and down pointing and shouting NYAH NYAH at the Democrats who blocked their efforts to hurt Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. And, of course, then they’d turn around and act absolutely outraged before the election that the GOP was “prevented” from helping the people of Florida.

A rare tip of the hat goes to Republican David Jolly for his use of props to completely humiliate his own party on this one. Well played, sir.

Watch a Republican shame his own party below:

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