Former Pro-Trump Congressman Rages At Trump’s Denial Of Russian Cyberattacks

Joe Walsh is a former Illinois congressman turned conservative radio host who was so pro-Trump before the election that he once tweeted he would take up arms on Nov. 9 if Hillary Clinton was declared the winner.

But with the latest news from the CIA reporting that Russia influenced the election to help Donald Trump get elected, Walsh is furious that Trump is still denying the attacks took place and is critical of an investigation into the matter. Trump has not acknowledged that Russia is behind the cyberattacks that plagued our election since he asked the country to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails on July 27 — ever since he has made excuses for Putin and Russia, and flat out refuses to say they meddled in our election.

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And while Walsh is normally the type of person we disagree with on most topics, his concern over Russia’s attack is spot on.

Here’s what he tweeted:

Indeed, and it was reported that Republican leadership was included on briefs about the Russian cyber attack and asked to lend their support when the Obama Administration came out with the news. Instead, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others said they would see the announcement as pure partisanship designed to get Clinton elected and refused to back the president. Their rejection of Obama and Democrats has become downright treasonous.


Walsh was also critical of Trump for putting a former Goldman Sachs executive into the Treasury Secretary’s seat. Seems like Walsh has a bit of buyer’s remorse but doesn’t want to admit he was dead wrong about Russia.

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Walsh is absolutely correct. There are few issues Americans can come together on these days, but this should be one of them. Otherwise, we’re a country divided and by default, weakened. This is not the time to bicker over an election outcome, because in the grander scheme of things, Putin is pushing his weight around in a way that should make us all uncomfortable.

Russia successfully attacked our most important tenet of freedom — our elections. Yet because it’s not as tangible as two burning skyscrapers there is a lack of outrage in this country towards such an egregious attack.

It’s really hard to imagine Republicans would be so nonchalant in the face of such an underhanded attack on our nation’s electoral system if had benefitted President Obama or any other Democrat. We’re talking about the party who wanted to have Obama impeached for giving Americans health care. Yet here we are, dragging Trump’s supporters kicking and screaming into something as simple as an investigation into the matter.

Even though Walsh views Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Russia’s involvement in our election as negligent, he still believes Clinton should not have been elected. To borrow Walsh’s phrase, “Square that circle.”

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