Fox News Just Went Beyond Full Stupid…Even For Them

Okay, so for transparency purposes I have to admit…I’ve been looking for a reason to use Spongebob in an article for quite some time. Especially with the imagination picture. I may even find it necessary to pull out the animated GIF. It’s not my fault; Fox did this to me.

After a decent hiatus from focusing on the trash the network of long legs, blonde hair and wardrobe malfunctions has to offer, I came across their “reporting” of former Trump aide Carter Page and his possible ties to Russia. It seems the Washington Post has discovered that the FBI had at one point obtained a FISA warrant to monitor his communications:

Oh my…that sure is a bombshell. But…only if you apply a little — yeah…you guessed it:

It’s simple, really. You just have to understand that the mindset of the idiots who watch your channel and read your tweets has already been molded to respond to certain keywords. In this case, “FBI” and “monitor communications.” If you eliminate the reason for that monitoring and just report on the fact that it happened, you end up with the typical conservaturd mantra: Obama wiretapped Trump.

If you look at reality and forget about Spongebob, what actually happened is the FBI found enough evidence of collusion with the Russians on the part of an aide to the campaign of Donald Trump to convince a federal judge that he should be monitored.

Monitored. With a perfectly legal warrant. For criminal activity. Page’s response? He feels “vindicated.” He feels that way because 62 million people in this country are complete morons. They hear those keywords and catch phrases and turn a criminal investigation into Russian interference with our electoral process into Obama illegally wiretapping Trump Tower. “Vindicated” is that feeling you get when you commit a felony and are immediately exonerated in the court of deplorable public opinion.

There’s little doubt that this whole thing will blow up in Trump’s face. At some point, a smoking gun will be found that will put an end to this silliness and usher in an era of Christian remodeling under Mike Pence. We can only hope that he goes down with Trump’s ship. So we can have…President Paul Ryan. Sigh.

It’s almost 9 AM. Time to make a martini and watch some Spongebob.

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