Fox News Regular Accidentally Creates The Perfect Way For Obama To Troll Trump One Last Time

Andy Levy is a humorist and commentator who is a regular on the Fox News late night show Red Eye. In October 2015, more than a year before the election of our incoming Orange Emperor, Levy tweeted this:

The tweet was largely ignored when it was originally posted. There was some discussion of the idea, a few bogus Biden quotes, then it was over. But on January 11 Levy decided to retweet his old thought. This time, with Donald Trump waiting in the wings to take over, the tweet took off.

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People seemed to love the idea of letting Joe Biden be president for a day; but not just as a way to give him the honor of being president. Some saw it as the perfect way to troll Trump.

Trump has released a YUGE line of “Trump 45” merchandise, which fans and worshippers of the God-Emperor can purchase on his website. There are “Trump 45” buttons, “Trump 45” t-shirts, “Trump 45” hats — even a package of “Trump 45” red Solo cups (no doubt to thank Toby Keith for his service to the country).

BUT, as Dagmar Bleasdale and others have noted, if President Obama were to step down on Thursday morning, Joe Biden would have to be sworn in as president, making him, not Trump, president number 45. Which would leave Trump with a lot of merchandise in the same category as all those t-shirts that say “2016 World Series Champions Cleveland Indians!!”

One guy even decided to try and make “Joe Biden — president for a day” happen, with a petition at

Of course this has an almost zero percent chance of happening. Still, it would be a great way to honor a man who has served the country for over 40 years, while at the same time poking Trump. And President Obama could even thank Fox News for the idea.

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