Fox Wished Muhammad Ali Happy Birthday And Their Fans Have Worst Meltdown Ever (SCREENSHOTS)

Tuesday would have been Muhammad Ali’s 75th birthday had 2016 not gotten ripped him away from us like they did so many other great people. However, just because he is gone does not mean he has forgotten and many people across the interwebz wished The People’s Champion a happy birthday…including, in a shocking twist, Fox News.

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The Republican Party’s propaganda machine thought they were doing a nice thing when they posted their birthday wish, but, oh boy, did they underestimate the absolute hate their fans have for anyone with a “funny” name and brown skin:

OH NOES! He was a Mooslim! Noooooooooooooo!

Apparently Republicans hate people who hit other people. Unless, of course, it’s a Trump rally.

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More Muslim questions and whining about the fact that Ali refused to fight in a war for a country treated him like sh*t. Meanwhile, Trump also refused to go to war…because he had an owie on his foot <eye roll>.

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Yes, because we never, ever memorialize Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. Oh wait….

Presidents’ Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, it is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government. Traditionally celebrated on February 22—Washington’s actual day of birth—the holiday became popularly known as Presidents’ Day after it was moved as part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers. While several states still have individual holidays honoring the birthdays of Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other figures, Presidents’ Day is now popularly viewed as a day to celebrate all U.S. presidents past and present.

Pesky facts.

Oh man, there’s just way too much stupid in that one to unwrap.

Next time maybe Fox should just stick to wishing white Christians a happy birthday. After all, We wouldn’t want these people to have aneurysms. Honest! We totally wouldn’t want that.

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