Fox News Finds The Dumbest Reason Possible To Be ‘Outraged’…And It’s Their Own Damned Fault (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz published a story which included a video segment titled “Culture Watch.” His article starts with the line:

The politics of hate is getting out of control.

Really, Kurtz? You’re just starting to notice the political environment the “news” channel, for which you work, has cultivated and fostered for nearly two decades?

What was the tipping point for the conservative talking head to recognize the toxic soup that is American politics?

Was it the hatefully racist things spewed towards President Barack Obama and the first family over the last eight years? No.

Was it the rise of white nationalists and publications like Breitbart? Nope, not that either.

Ok, ok, then it was the strobe gifs right-wing nut-jobs are sending to epileptic liberals on Twitter with the hope of triggering seizures, right? Nope. That wasn’t it.

Donald Trump’s twitter account? Wrong, again.

It was Charlie Sheen’s tweet about death, 2016, and Trump.

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Seriously, that’s what prompted this report. A has-been douchey celebrity who thinks he is “WINNING” and is generally known for being shocking, unhinged, and well, dickish, tweeted something that was shocking. Yeah, breaking news Fox, Charlie Sheen said something distasteful and people actually agreed with him. Surprise!

This isn’t an earth-shattering revelation considering Donald Trump won an election with a campaign of vile, petty, hate filled rhetoric.

This is what Fox News and the right-wing has been training for. They did it. They finally achieved what they’ve wanted all along. And now, they get to play the “Oh my, how did this happen? Look at those hateful liberals! They are so unpatriotic. They just don’t love American enough.”

Yeah, bullshit.

In the video segment, the host started about the “culture war” between Washington D.C. and Hollywood for which has been waged by celebrities who will not perform for Trump’s inauguration and then transitions to Sheen’s tweet and the reaction it received on Twitter. Then, Kurtz asks the most asinine question ever asked on Fox News:

Umm, how is it that we’ve reached this level of discourse in America?

LOL, what? Isn’t this like Hitler asking, “Where did all the Jews go?”

C’mon Fox News, you’ve been working on this pet project for years. The very least you could do is take your credit, pat yourselves on the back and bask in your win.

You helped break America. Own it.

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