France’s President Gloriously Mocks Trump On Twitter

Earlier this week, Trump announced that we would be leaving the Paris accord, which is an important and non-binding resolution concerning climate change.

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This is something that his supporters want, primarily because they’ve never heard the old adage, “cutting off the nose to spite the face.” However, France’s new president, centrist Emmanuel Macron, decided to show up Trump on this issue — and with a variation of Trump’s own stupid slogan, to boot:

The French word for “shade,” by the way, is le affront.

Twitter had a field day, with more than a few people comparing Macron with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau:

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Others were merely happy to have another sane world leader:

Unfortunately, we’ll be stuck with Trump for another three years — but if we get out to vote in the midterms, we at least won’t have to deal with a corrupt and morally bankrupt Republican Party protecting him every step of the way.

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