‘Freedom Kids’ Who Performed At Trump Rally Are Suing Him For Screwing Them Over

The creator of the terrifying, pro-Trump viral sensation “USA Freedom Kids” is now planning to sue Donald Trump. Who couldn’t see this one coming?

If you’re not remembering exactly who the Freedom Kids are, the picture below will help you remember. This is an image from Trump’s Pensacola Florida rally where his own personal Hitler Youth “Freedom Kids,” decked out in flag costumes and dancing to some weird techno mashup of a ripoff of the song “Over There.”


As these pre-teen girls were singing about “enemies of freedom” and cheering for the death of our enemies, the nation was frozen in horrific fascination. Soon, footage of the girls was everywhere and they were the new big thing on social media.

The Trump campaign secured the services of the Freedom Kids, with promises of both promotion at Trump events and media exposure and access at Trump events to help take their brand nationwide. Take a guess how that turned out.

Fast forward to today. Jeff Popick, father of the smallest Freedom Kid, and author of “Freedom’s Call,’ which was the song they performed at the Trump rally, told the Washington Post that he’s suing Donald Trump for violating the agreement he made with his group.

Popick first contacted then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to see if he could perform for Trump. An agreement was reached for 2 performances, where the compensation to the act would be a table that they could pre-sell albums at, during the rally.

When they arrived there was no table. Popick described the rally as “complete chaos,” and indicated that they made no attempt to compensate them for their performance in any way.

After a long bout of trying to contact the campaign about alternate compensation meeting with no results, Popick made another huge mistake. He trusted Trump a second time.

In an unreal turn of events, Trump’s campaign called Popick again asking him to perform at a Des Moines rally for Trump. The campaign apparently forget they already screwed the guy over on a previous occasion.

They were not going to pay Popick, but offered compensation in “exposure” at the huge rally. Implications were made that Popick would have media access and be able to get his act huge publicity on a nationwide stage.

Popick packed up the kids, their gear, and took an immediate flight from Florida to Chicago. There, he rented a car and drove the rest of the way to Iowa and the rally. Once there, he realized the horrible, horrible mistake he had made … again.

When it came time for his media exposure, Popick was quarantined by Trump. He was informed that there was a “change of plans.” Popick would be seated within arms-reach of the press box at the Trump rally, but he was not allowed to speak to the press or allowed to be in pictures. The girls were invited to attends the rally, which they did in their uniforms, but they never performed.

Are you feeling bad for this guy yet? Popick lamented the fact that he “had to be a real jerk” to the press. They were begging for comments, pictures, stories, or whatever they could get and Popick had to sit there and give none of it. The exposure he was promised was another lie by Trump.

Not only were the Freedom Kids denied their promised compensation, but Popick was on the hook for a lot of money. The Freedom Kids paid for their own transportation and lodging during the trip to Iowa. In short, they got royally screwed.

After another long period of trying “again and again and again” to sort this out with the Trump campaign, he ended up filing a lawsuit to get compensation for time, effort and money spent along with restitution for compensation that was not given to him.

Popick had this to say:

“We are owed compensation or, as the agreement is, a performance. That’s what the agreement was. In lieu of compensation, in lieu of monetary compensation, that we would have this performance. It was largely a verbal contract, but a contract nonetheless and on two different occasions.”

Hopefully this poor guy doesn’t perform for them a third time.

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  • Arthur Conrad

    They don’t have a case. Verbal agreements that are vague and filled with uncertainties like this are not binding or legally enforceable. They screwed themselves by trusting Drumpf and no court will hear their case.

  • Richard

    He’s suing The Chump? Get in line, pal, but don’t hold your breath…it’s a LOOOONG line.

  • Mike

    Popick is a jerk who reaped what he sowed. An idiot Trump supporter – who exploits his daughter and a group of little girls in a political clown show and believes in someone like Trump… gets cheated by Trump for the whole nation to see.

    That’s just rich 🙂