Gary Johnson Just Watched His Campaign Go Down In Flames With One Humiliating Interview (VIDEO)

What is Aleppo? Get used to that phrase, you’re going to be hearing it quite a bit. Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate for president and conservative alternative to Donald Trump, just proved that he has no business running for an office that has any influence outside of a McDonald’s in Rhode Island.

This was so utterly humiliating I almost feel sorry for him:

The Syrian refugee crisis is obviously not something Gary Johnson, whose main concern is undoing laws, taxes and anything else that doesn’t fit the absurd relationship between Libertarians and “personal ownership,” could possibly give two sh*ts about.

What is Allepo? It’s the end of you, Gary, that’s what. Good riddance, and thank you for leaving millions of conservatives with no alternative but to stay home or vote for Hillary Clinton.

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