Gary Johnson’s VP Just Endorsed Someone Other Than Gary Johnson For President

Do you know how to tell that you’ve already lost a presidential election? It’s when your vice presidential running mate says your opponent would be a better president than you.

Does that sound strange? Normally it would. But when you’re dealing with Libertarians, strange is their core campaign platform.

Bill Weld, Gary Johnson’s VP Pick, endorsed Hillary Clinton — even though he pretended he didn’t soon afterwards. It was during an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that Weld said, “I’m not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States,” in response to Todd asking Weld if he thought Gary Johnson was more qualified than her.

You know what they say about a political gaffe, right? It’s when you accidentally tell the truth. Talk about a gaffe-o-rama.

Weld seemed to realize what he did after he accidentally told the truth, and tried to walk it back by saying that Johnson would still be a better president.

How the hell does that work exactly? She’s more qualified, but he would do a better job? The only thing that Johnson would be more qualified at than Hillary would be rolling joints after he filled the oval office with beanbag chairs and black lights.

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Weld tried to support his instant flip-flop by saying Johnson has an “appealing policy mix.” One of his policies is to ignore climate change, because one day, billions of years from now, the Sun will encompass the Earth. There’s nothing appealing about that.

Weld said this would be a “refreshing change” to things in the current administration. Again, no, it wouldn’t be refreshing to lose Barack Obama and gain a looneybird like Johnson. What is it about 2016 that’s bringing out these weird people? I swear it has to be an alien conspiracy. Normal people just don’t do this stuff.

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