Georgia Republicans Love Students To Death, Push For Guns In Classrooms Yet Again

This time last year, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal did one of the few decent things in his  tenure as governor, he actually vetoed a bill that would allow concealed campus carry on college and university property. Shocking! We know!  You would think a staunch Southern Republican governor’s veto would send a loud and deafening message to the state House. But in the age of the Tangerine Caligula such messages are considered more guidelines than actual hard and fast rules. Consider them “alternative guidelines” if you will.

In this new wave of the Great Orange Overlord, House State Rep. Mandi Ballinger (Republican imbecile, of course) is feeling emboldened to get guns onto our campuses yet again. She said:

This bill is about changing the dynamic” to provide the “basic, essential right of self-preservation.

Students, staff and faculty would be able to conceal carry with a permit onto most parts of university campuses, but not into dormitories or fraternity and sorority houses.

Unless said weapons are being kept under the mat with the spare key I’m unclear how that works for those in on campus housing. But, Republicans aren’t exactly good with the whole common sense thing, obviously. I mean these geniuses actually believe our institutions of higher education need dozens of concealed carriers, staggering around the quad still hung over and falling into an 8 a.m. class. I feel safer already.

But never fear, even Ballinger knows to reign in her eagerness for guns in every corner of college campus. In a grand gesture of humanity, on campus child care facilities will be exempt from concealed carry. Maybe she will pay for the daycares to be bullet proof too. Haha! Just kidding, why would she do that?

Other than that, HB 280 is practically identical to the bill Deal vetoed last year. The fact that we even have to feel relieved that childcare centers can be gun free (maybe) is in and of itself pretty horrifying, but in this new age of legislative boundary pushing, this dumbf*ckery has become the new normal.

It’s our job to push back, with our children firmly behind us.

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