Gingrich: Obama Shouldn’t Get A Pension Because He’s Black…Ummm…Has A Book Deal (TWEETS)

Newt Gingrich is a racist jackass. He’s always been a racist jackass. This morning he proved just what a racist jackass he is when he decided that because President Obama has a $45 million book deal that he shouldn’t get the paycheck that every president before him has gotten. Yes, that includes presidents Like Bush, and Bush, and Clinton and Ford and anyone else who ever held office, regardless of how much money they made afterwards:

Bill Clinton and George W Bush, both presidents when Gingrich was relevant, had book deals that earned them millions. Jimmy Carter has written a dozen books. What is it about this particular president and his book deal that has Gingrich so upset? Could it be his…taste in music? No…that seems unlikely. Maybe it’s because he’s a Democrat. But…no…Clinton and Carter were Democrats and they didn’t get this kind of treatment.

Could it be? No…No way…Do you think Gingrich just doesn’t like Obama…because…he’s black?

It took Newtykins all of a minute to figure out just what an incredible douchebag he looks like, so he tweeted out this as an addendum:

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Ohhhhh….OK. So he went from ALL post-presidency expenditures to just a pension and nothing else. For all of them. Because he had to. Could he be any more transparent?

Nice touch making it about Labor Day, too, Newt. While we celebrate the hard work our country was built and continues to thrive on, you can pretend you any clue what that’s like so your dumbass tweet doesn’t get called out for what it is.

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