Giuliani’s Painfully Stupid Excuse For Forgetting 9/11 Is So Bad Conservatives Just Might Buy It

Rudy Giuliani really wants you to believe that he didn’t forget 911 happened, even though he totally forgot 911 happened. In recent comments, during an introduction he was giving for Donald Trump, Giuliani said that we didn’t have any successful Islamic terror attacks occur in the United States until Barack Obama became President and Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.

The stupidity of what Giuliani said doesn’t need any explanation. In fact, what he said was so stupid, that trying to explain it away or defend it is the only thing more stupid than the statement itself.

The funny thing is that’s exactly what Giuliani is doing. Instead of just putting on his big-boy pants and saying “Look, I said something dumb. Obviously I didn’t MEAN that, I’m sorry.” He’s blaming US for misunderstanding his “abbreviated speech.

Giuliani said the fact he only had 5 minutes to talk from the podium was the reason he said what he did. He didn’t REALLY mean that 911 didn’t happen, and alternatively he didn’t REALLY mean that it was Obama’s fault, even though that would mean it happened. It’s just our fault for not understanding something he never actually said, even though he thinks he did.

It’s very strange. Call it Schrodinger’s 911. The attack both happened, and didn’t happen, depending how much you can blame Obama and Hillary for it.

“I’m not there to give a major 45-minute policy address,” Giuliani said during his Trump introduction in Ohio where 911 only maybe happened. Apparently it takes 45 minutes to say 911 happened in 2001.

I’ll tell you something right now. If a random person walked up to me and asked if we had any Islamic terrorist attacks happen within the U.S. before 2008, it would take me a fraction of a second to say “Nine-Eleven.” I wouldn’t need 45, or even 5 minutes to “prepare” to remember that 911 happened.

I make fun a bit here, but maybe I shouldn’t. Rudy might be ill. Anyone who saw his mental and emotional breakdown during the RNC has to admit the man has problems that only modern pharmacology can solve.

“You speak in somewhat abbreviated language. All human beings speak in abbreviated language at times.”

No. No, this isn’t abbreviated language. No terrorist attacks before 2008 is not abbreviated. It’s mental sickness.

Further evidence of Giuliani possibly suffering a severe head injury was given when only minutes before he said 911 didn’t happen, he credited Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, for his timely assistance visiting Ground Zero when he was a congressman. This was followed by Giuliani telling the voters of Ohio how great a governor Pence was to their state (Pence was governor of Indiana)

Maybe this all is actually rather appropriate. Trump the Chump is running the most bizarre presidential campaign of the modern era. It’s only fitting he has a clinically insane adviser like Giuliani.

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