GODDAMMIT DEMOCRATS, You’re Killing Jesus All Over Again By Opposing Judge Gorsuch’s Nomination

Last night on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor with serial sexual harasser host, Bill O’Reilly, he attempted to put Judge Neil Gorsuch on the cross over a fight in Congress to keep the judge out of the Supreme Court of the United States.

O’Reilly stopped playing with his anal vibrator long enough to go on the TV and make this lame analogy:

I mean, did you watch any of those Gorsuch hearings? I don’t want to compare the judge to Jesus, but it was exactly the same thing. Democratic Senators acting like Pharisees, trying to trap the judge into saying something controversial, trying to paint the man as someone not worthy of being on the court.

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“I don’t want to compare the judge to Jesus, but” let me just go ahead and compare the judge to a humble savior who healed the sick and washed the feet of the poor. That’s basically Neil Gorsuch, right? I’m mean, sure he rarely sides with the little guy and said a company had a right to fire a guy who didn’t want to freeze to death when his company truck broke down on an icy road. And yeah, he kind of sided with Kansas State University when they refused to extend the sick leave of an assistant professor WHO HAD LEUKEMIA. And remember when Jesus, just like Gorsuch said, “If ye provide disabled kids in school with a little more than nothing, the whole world will rejoice!”

How dare the Democrats use their legislative voices to oppose this walking modern-day saint! How dare they show America how bad having him sit on the highest bench in the land would be. PHARISEES! You’re killing Jesus and I hope you’re happy, libturds!

No, Democrats have every right to kick their feet when it comes to nominating Gorsuch. He was nominated by a guy who we aren’t even sure isn’t guilty of high treason, for f*ck’s sake. And after the ill-treatment of former President Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, by Senate Republicans, Democrats need to fight this nomination tooth and nail. Because as O’Reilly goes on to say, if the nomination fails, the Republican party and the Trump administration will be in tatters.

And I’ll sleep like a baby knowing it.

Watch the segment:

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