GOP Candidate Gives Most Insulting Reason Ever To Oppose Raising Minimum Wage

While every argument against a higher minimum wage is insulting to America’s working poor, few if any have been as outrageously insulting as what Rick Snow, Republican candidate for District 47 in Maine said recently.

Maine is going to have a November referendum to raise the minimum wage from $7.50 to $12 per hour by the year 2020. As usual, Republicans have come out completely against it. Rick snow joined the chorus of praise for poverty as well. However, he went somewhere with his remarks that even the dumbest Washington Tea Partiers have not:

“Where would that money be spent? We’ve heard about the opiate issues in the state of Maine. Are we going to add more income to individuals so they can spend it on illegal activities? I’m very concerned about that.”

Republicans like Snow think food stamps and other forms of welfare should be taken away because “those people” use drugs. Now, “those people” also aren’t allowed to earn enough to not need welfare because if they do, they’ll just use it to buy drugs.

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Consequences for his words have been harsh, as expected. As a result, instead of attempting an apology, Snow is now changing the subject by insisting that discussion about the referendum be abandoned so more time can be devoted to dealing with heroin abuse in the state.

Mr. Snow should invite single mothers to a campaign event where he can explain to them how keeping them poor is saving them from their drug abuse that hasn’t actually happened but will if they ever made more money.

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