GOP Candidate Reveals Plan To Bribe Harlem With Fried Chicken And Watermelon For Votes

Jon Girodes is a Republican candidate for New York’s 30th district in next month’s election. NBC 4 New York’s I-Team contacted him via email regarding a totally unrelated, minor real-estate issue Girodes was involved in that is now under dispute.

Girodes went full-whackjob when he added a “P.S.” on the end of the email to let the news team know of an upcoming event he was holding in Harlem in the next few weeks.

The part in question is shown below:

Ps I’m hosting an event in Harlem which will be in front of the state building in a few weeks. We will [donate] Kool Aid, KFC and watermelons to the public on 125th street in Harlem. Please join us to help the community.

This kind of comment is never appropriate, because it is 100 percent racist. But for Christ’s sake buddy… HARLEM? Are you serious?

And then, he doubled down, because of course he did. Girodes followed up his astoundingly ignorant comment by informing every black person in Harlem that they were incorrect, and nothing was offensive about what he said.

Girodes’ “explanation” to black people is below:

What I think is anyone who gives free food to people is doing them a favor. Get a bunch of people who say it’s offensive and let me go into their neighborhood and give it out for free and see if they take it.

See that, you silly black people? He’s doing you a favor by feeding you for free! And he totally knows that if he setup shop in front of YOUR house, you’d be out there eating it! So there!

Obviously, the people of Harlem feel differently about this whole thing. “It’s racist. Whoever he is, I think he should go back in whatever hole he crawled in and have a great life,” Tyrone Nero said in an interview. “It’s more than an insult and anybody with any sense would see that’s pathetically racist and insulting,” added community member Scott Randolph. “That is so stereotypical,” said passerby Jose Paulimo. “It is very offensive.”

I bet you thought this couldn’t get worse for Girodes. That wouldn’t entirely be accurate. The exchange then veered in the direction of his minor real-estate scandal. Girodes was accused of taking a $750 dollar deposit from a woman who wanted to rent an apartment from him, but when she ended up unable to move in, he kept the money.

Girodes denies this claim and was quoted as saying “I was not involved in any scam. I am involved in it as of the people that are trying to scam me. I’m the biggest victim ever.”

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It’s probably a good idea when you’re coming under fire for being a hopelessly ignorant racist that you never use the phrase “I’m the biggest victim ever,” even if you aren’t referring directly to the racism bit. He’s such a Republican, isn’t he?

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