GOP Governor Would Rather Get Crabs Than Go To Trump’s Circus In Cleveland

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is NOT a fan of Donald Trump. He will not endorse him nor will he vote for him. That puts Larry Hogan on a rather long list of Republicans who aren’t happy with the GOPocalypse set in motion by the Tea Party and playing out before our very eyes with the presumptive nomination of a racist, sexist, homophobic imbecile.

Hogan is now taking his resistance to the place many others already have: he’s declining to attend the Republican National Convention. According to The Associated Press:

Crabs and clams, not confetti and balloons, are on Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s agenda for the week of the national GOP convention in Cleveland.Matt Clark, a Hogan spokesman, confirmed Tuesday that the Republican is planning to attend the annual all-you-can eat seafood feast in Crisfield, Maryland, on July 20.

Hogan already has said he won’t be voting for Donald Trump and that he wasn’t going to the convention. In an interview this year, Hogan said he was “completely disgusted with national politics in both parties” and is focusing on Maryland.

A spokeswoman for Del. Kathy Szeliga also confirmed that the Republican U.S. Senate candidate will be on the Eastern Shore for the event as well, instead of the convention. Leslie Shedd says Szeliga is looking forward to it.

Yes, sometimes a headline is just too good to pass up. Governor Larry Hogan, along with a Republican candidate for senator, have indeed decided that getting crabs is far more enticing than attending the culmination of a year of Republican failure into the official crowning of the king of the clowns, Donald Trump.

Who can blame them? Maryland seafood is delicious and there’s nothing even remotely appealing about Donald Trump. Good for you, Larry. If you weren’t a sleezeball on every other issue under the sun this may have actually been a step towards becoming a decent human being.

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