GOP Pushes First-Ever Required State Religion By Teaching Bible As ‘American History’

Republicans have the Constitution and the Bible ass-backwards again in their crusade to push a required state religion on America. Their latest game is adopting forced teaching of the Bible in our schools as a part of American history.

Since no person from thousands of years ago set foot in America, it’s difficult to understand how the Bible has any roots to the western hemisphere at all, let alone America. But when have Republicans let reality stand in their way before?

Members of a platform subcommittee voted to pass an amendment that calls for the teaching of the Christian Bible to students as if it were a historical document, akin to our Constitution or other factual records of history. There is also the requirement that it be incorporated into American history as well, likely to support their false notion that America was founded as a Christian nation.

There’s a joke here. The Constitution is a historic document and separates church and state. The Bible would be made into one, and would combine the two. So, which would Republicans vote to trash? The Constitution or the Bible?

That wasn’t all they were up to, though. Several amendments were also passed into the GOP platform to overturn same-sex marriage. Another was also added to police public bathrooms due to the “transgender menace.” Additionally, an amendment was passed for the Republican party to officially endorse “conversion therapy,” which amounts to mentally and physically abusing people who are gay until you traumatize them into believing they are straight.

A more outlandish, if that’s even possible, amendment that was passed also calls for elimination of ANY government intervention in parenting. This would effectively allow for parents to abuse their children, keep them unvaccinated, neglect educating them or carry out any form of other bad behavior as long as they classified it as their parenting style.

And then there’s this, which needs no explanation.

Those damned textbooks, talking about minorities instead of white people. Pretty soon they’ll start saying that the South lost the Civil War.

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