Graham And McCain Aren’t Messing Around–Their Message To Trump On Russia Is Beautiful (VIDEO)

The two Republicans who have expressed the most concern over Russian election hacking are Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. On Sunday morning the two appeared on Meet the Press, where they had harsh words for Donald Trump and anyone who seeks to brush the issue under the rug.

Graham tells host Chuck Todd that he thinks Trump’s unwillingness to acknowledge Russian involvement in the election is because he is afraid doing so will “undermine his credibility.” He goes on to say he hasn’t heard any prominent Democrat make a claim that Russian hacking cost Hillary Clinton the election.

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The South Carolina senator says he has no doubt that Democrats’ emails were hacked by the Russians, and that Russian agents supplied those emails to Wikileaks. He adds that he doesn’t think the hack affected the outcome of the election.

Graham levels his harshest criticism at members of the GOP who are supporting Trump’s claim that we don’t know whether the hacking was done by Russia or by another player. Graham says,

Most Republicans are condemning what Russia did. And to those who are gleeful about it — you’re a political hack. You’re not a Republican. You’re not a patriot.

Here are the comments from Graham and McCain, via NBC News:

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