Green Day Says Mean Things About Trump, Breitbart Conservatives Scream, ‘I’m Triggered!’ And Cry In Safe Space

Green Day is a punk band, and being punk, that means they’re inherently political. Anyone who lived through the Bush Administration knows that; their rock opera album, American Idiot, propelled them back into the limelight after a six year slump, and it was explicitly about Bush.

So it should surprise nobody that they got political again at the American Music Awards with the chant: “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” It’s a catchy little jingle that captures how Americans feel about Trump’s election — and it’s triggered a whole bunch of Breitbart-Americans, who took to their fake news site to whine and complain about it, most of whom are spectacularly racist and stupid. Here, have a look at some:


Behold, some dumb ass — or Arschkriecher — who apparently thinks Austrian is a language. Of course, while you’re showing off your knowledge of “Austrian”,”john,” here’s another phrase for you, one you might recognize and approve of: Entartete Kunst.

A depressing number of these lackwits seem to think the KKK are Democrats, despite failing to realize the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists had explicitly voted and campaigned for their Lord and Savior, Donald J. Trump:


I’d call them morons, but there’s no reason to be that mean to morons.




And yet, it was perfectly okay to make fun of Michelle Obama with horrible transphobic jokes. Why? Because she was black.


Mussolini was a socialist at one point in his life, just like the KKK were pro-Democrats — until the Civil Rights Amendment and LBJ came along. But these dolts don’t appear to understand that people can and do change.


And here’s a guy that was born back in the 1800s and clearly doesn’t understand how taxes work, just like most conservatives.

Fun fact: You can replace “Globalist” with “Jew” and that sentence doesn’t change meaning at all. It’s even capitalized for you.

There’s a lot of offensively clueless and stupid kvetching about the KKK being Democrats on that thread, but I figured I would end with this, since I feel it speaks louder than any other idiot comment I could find to their mentality:


No “Globalist” needed here folks. This is what they truly are, try as hard as they might to deny it.

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