Ben Carson Tells Female Reporter Her Problem Is She Doesn’t Hang Out In Men’s Locker Rooms Enough

Ben Carson managed to do something few people would have expected, especially from him. He actually made Gropegate worse. Carson appeared on CNN today, and personally blamed a female news anchor for the fact she found Trump’s comments offensive in the most ridiculous way imaginable.

Brianna Keilar was discussing Trump’s comments where he bragged about sexual assault with Carson when he offered up the same defense as everyone — “It’s just locker room talk.”

Keilar decided to press Carson on his excuse, by asking him how he knows this. “Where are you hanging out and with whom are you hanging out that you hear people talking like that?” Keilar asked Carson.

Carson responded, “As I was growing up, people were always trying to talk about their sexual conquest, and trying to make themselves appear, you know, like the Don Casanova. I’m surprised you haven’t heard that. I really am.

That’s when things really went weird. Keilar said “I haven’t heard it and I know a lot of people who have not heard it,” to which Carson quickly replied “Well, maybe that’s the problem!” Keilar tried to respond but he said it again, and then promptly changed subject by suggesting we should be worrying about bigger problems.

Watch video of the exchange below:

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The only logical way that a woman like Keilar can get used to “locker room talk” is by actually hanging out in men’s locker rooms, listening as they discuss their strategies for non-consensual groping of women. That seems to be the only place that this happens, according to Republicans, so I guess you know what you have to do now, ladies.

Carson is just an example of the larger problem with conservatism in America. To them, if women find Trump’s tiny hand grasping their genitals unacceptable, they had better “get used to it.”

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