Brilliant Gun Control Commercial Kills Every Ammosexual Argument In 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

In 2013, States United to Prevent Gun Violence released a brilliant gun control commercial to the public. The 30 second commercial shows a man enter his workplace with a firearm and shoot at his boss. Problem is, the gun he has isn’t the modern-day killing machines used in most mass shootings, it’s a musket. You know, the kind of firearm that was available to our forefathers when they wrote the only amendment that matters to gun molesters, the second one.

When the Constitution was written, the framers probably never imagined a world in which people would use it to gun down innocent people. They probably never imagined that the arms they were talking about would include semi-automatic rifles and armor piercing bullets. But here we are.

Watch States United to Prevent Gun Violence’s commercial below and tell us what you think in the comment section:

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