Hannity Thinks Hillary’s Old Underwear Are ‘Impactful’ To The Debates (AUDIO)

Sean Hannity is just weird. During a silly rant about how Hillary cremated Trump during their first debate, he soothed his frustration by saying that Trump doesn’t even have to win the debates because Hillary just stinks. Yeah you stupid liberals, Trump doesn’t need your stinkin’ debates, because he’s so awesome and you can’t handle it!

Doing Hillary’s work for her, Hannity then listed off several anti-Trump talking points while trying to make the point she repeats them like a robot. I wonder if he understands that listing Trump’s failures on his radio show is actually not a good thing.

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The even stranger part came near the end, when he said that Hillary can’t go after Trump on his taxes, because all he has to do is ask her why she took a deduction on her own taxes for her underwear. He actually said that he felt that question would be “impactful” to the debate.

Hannity is referring to a $2 deduction that the Clintons had on their taxes one time, because of a donation made of undergarments to a charity. Trump deducted nearly $1 billion. $2 is a lot less than $1 billion, Sean. If Trump actually brought that up he’d be laughed off stage. Maybe Sean is sharing Donald’s stash with him, because Hannity isn’t talking like he has both oars in the water these days.

Listen to Hannity share his thoughts on Hillary’s undergarments below:

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