HE KNEW: After Years Chris Christie’s Denials, The Truth Comes Out

2016 just keeps kicking Republicans in the ass. Now, a whole new bombshell report comes from the ongoing BridgeGate scandal that involves Governor Chris Christie.

Way back in 2013, Christie’s office ordered lane closures of the George Washington Bridge, causing massive traffic backups in the town of Fort Lee. The closures were done as a form of political retaliation and punishment towards the town’s mayor for not endorsing Chris Christie in his re-election campaign.

If you may be wondering why I am using the word “allegedly,” it’s because new testimony shows that Chris Christie has been lying to his state, as well as the rest of America, about his role in this since day one. He knew about it the whole time.

David Wildstein, one of Christie’s underlings, has rolled over on him in court and testified that Christie lied about his involvement in the lane closures for years now.

David Wildstein — a former Christie appointee at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the star witness at the Newark trial of two former Christie confidantes — made the allegation against Christie as federal prosecutors displayed a handful of photos showing the governor, Wildstein and defendant Bill Baroni together at a September 11, 2013 ceremony at the World Trade Center.

Wildstein told the jury that Baroni, his former boss at the Port Authority, told Christie at the event, in a sarcastic tone: “Governor, there is a tremendous amount of traffic in Fort Lee, please know Mayor Sokolich is frustrated he can’t get his calls returned.”

Wildstein, who has already pleaded guilty in the case, said Christie laughed and responded: “I imagine they wouldn’t be getting their calls returned.”

Baroni told Christie that Wildstein would monitor the traffic, Wildstein testified.

To that, Christie replied, “Well, I’m sure Mr. Edge wouldn’t be involved in anything political.” (Mr. Edge is a reference to Wildstein’s previous life as a political blogger who wrote under the pseudonym “Wally Edge,” a riff on Walter Edge, a former New Jersey governor.)

Source: NBC News

Referring to your partner in crime as “Mister Edge?” What is this, an imitation of the movie Reservoir Dogs?

Somehow he slipped through the cracks and avoided criminal proceedings — an amazing feat, all things considered. Bridget Kelly, Bill Baroni, and David Wildstein, the trio of troublemakers that were at the heart of this, are all on trial currently.

Wildstein is the first one to turn on his former boss. Who knows why? Maybe he finally got a deal. Maybe he wanted to get out ahead of the others before his information was no longer needed.

Or, maybe it’s because while they’ve been languishing over this for years now, dealing with lawyers and trials, Christie has been out gallivanting around the country carrying Trump’s lunch for him and having a great time. Now that their chances of help by Christie are nothing more than something they wish would have happened, we might see more come to Jesus moments in Jersey.

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