Here Are 10 Of The Most Screwed Up Things 2016 Confirmed About Conservatives

This has been one hell of a year. If there is anything we can be sure of, it’s that 2016 will go down in the history books as being the closest thing to walking through the fires of hell, if such a place truly exists.

One thing it has done is expose the right-wing for exactly what it is, a bunch of hate-mongering buffoons who elected a hate-mongering, orange tyrant to be the leader of the soon to be not-so-free-world. It has confirmed many of the things we liberals have known about those American patriots – all of those “Christ-loving” conservatives.

10. They all of a sudden love Russia.

Remember when dictators and Russia were the enemy of liberty and freedom? Remember how conservatives in the U.S., way back in the 1950s, were doing things like adding “Under God” to the pledge and making “In God We Trust” the motto of the United States to combat those “Godless communists”?

Well, times. . . they have a changed. Now, a good God-fearing conservative still embraces all the God stuff, but they love Russia, too. Even if the Russian dictator rigs elections and has reporters killed.

9. They are even more racist than we could have imagined.

For the last few decades conservatives have spent much time ignoring and even denying that racism still exists. Somehow, they believed after centuries of oppression, the signing of a law was like a switch and *poof* racism was gone with the Civil Rights Act.

However, in 2016, closeted racism was no longer the thing. Oh no, they put it all out in the open, spouting off their hateful drivel. One thing hasn’t changed though, they still deny the existence of racism, even though their own racist thoughts seem to be all-consuming and motivating.

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8. They will believe ANYTHING.

Fake news has proven that these people will believe absolutely anything if it fits their agenda. They will elect a president based upon fake news. They will perform acts of terror based upon fake news. All the while, they will claim that our free press is corrupt and sites like Breitbart and WND are “the truth.”

7. They really enjoy being deplorable.

It’s like they finally got to be rebellious, even though their rebellion was against common decency and equality. The “conservative liberation” that took place in 2016 allowed them to spew the most hateful, deplorable things that have simply been the undercurrent of their politics for years.

They owned that hideousness proudly.

6. The whole “Christian values” thing has always been complete bullshit.

Finally the truth is out. Through their actions, conservatives rejected the teachings of Christ in the most obvious way – they elected Donald Trump. For years they have attempted to use their religion as a crutch for hate and oppression by citing their “deeply held religious beliefs” to justify bigotry.

Yet, they openly elected a man who has broken more commandments than the devil himself.

Nope, sorry conservative Christians, you can’t use your religion card anymore for public policy. (Not that it was ever constitutional, anyway.)

5. They no longer can claim their “ownership” of caring about the Constitution.

Ok, it’s obvious now – conservatives really don’t care about the Constitution. Donald Trump wishes to trample the rights of a free press. The only religion that matters is Christianity. His supporters are completely ok with the desire to bring back “stop and frisk” for the sake of law and order. They can give up the whole “constitutional conservatism” bullshit.

It’s over guys. We get it. You really prefer fascism to liberty because your version of liberty only applies to “the silent majority.”

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4. For being “anti-pc” they sure get offended about the most trivial shit.

How many times have we seen and heard conservatives condemning political correctness. Granted, some PC stuff gets just a touch extreme, however, the overall point of political correctness is to be inclusive of all people. The idea is to be respectful and attempt to avoid accidentally offending people one wishes not to offend.

Yet, conservatives have proven they can get offended, too. It’s typically over trivial things like the imaginary “War on Christmas” which includes the saying “Happy Holidays,” coffee cups and black Santa.

3. If the right hate is spewed, they fall right in line with fascism.

Now this one is frightening because honestly, many of us didn’t realize we were this far down the spiral, however, in the year 2016 American Patriots have embraced fascism. They like the idea of having an authoritarian in charge.

It’s a-okay to target groups of people based upon their religion or race. Torture is totally cool. White nationalism is acceptable and if you aren’t in line with the brown coats, then you just don’t love your country enough.

Yes, thanks for this lesson, 2016.

2. They really don’t know what socialism is.

Yes, we have known this one, however, with Bernie Sanders’ run for the presidency it became even more apparent that conservatives have no clue what democratic socialism entails. They also have no idea what it means to have a mixed economy. Rather, they embrace the idea that unfettered capitalism is somehow in their best interest (it’s not).

Forget about things like public utilities, infrastructure, parks, or even their use of their medical insurance. Socialism be damned!

1. Their team mentality is strong, but only applies to fellow white conservatives.

Last but not least, it finally all clicks. Conservative politics falls in line with professional football. The actual ideals and policy (and even performance) are secondary to the empty chants of U.S.A. for white America.

The team mentality is strong with this one, and they will march straight into the destruction of a nation for their team. And, have. It’s not about being American, as that is far too inclusive. The team is white conservatives and they are going to cheer them on, even as the world around them burns.

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