Here Are 5 Of The Most Dangerous Tweets Trump Has Written Since Becoming President

President Cheeto treats Twitter like his personal diary full of his disjointed, reactionary thoughts. As infuriating as it may be, it’s given us a glimpse into the Cheeto’s brain. While most of them are throw aways and often downright stupid, others are f*cking sinister as hell.

With bad news coming out of the White House at breakneck speed it’s easy for these tweets to pass us by — especially when Trump is tweeting from 5 am EST until the late in the evening. And the sheer volume of new stories of Trump’s awfulness also have a normalizing effect, so when something comes out of Trump’s brain and takes a dump on Twitter, we just tend to sigh and say to ourselves, “That’s Trump.”

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That’s why we’ve compiled Trump’s most dangerous tweets since the inauguration, so we can dissect his thoughts and understand just how dark-minded our president really is.

5. Be warned urbanites — our president thinks it’s acceptable to send in the feds because Fox News dares him.

This tweet came minutes after Bill O’Reilly aired a segment on Fox News, basically daring Donald Trump to take federal action in Chicago. The word “carnage” was used on the show and repeated by Trump on Twitter, and the stats were identical to the ones used on the show. This is terrifying for several reasons.

For starters, the stats don’t explain that Chicago doesn’t even have the worst gun violence problem if you consider the murder rate per capita. It’s problematic that the president doesn’t know this and takes his facts from fact-lite Fox News.

It’s also troubling Trump threatened an entire city with “the Feds,” to do what? Agitate people into getting themselves shot to what, solve gun violence? What are the feds going to do that the city and state aren’t already trying? The fact that Trump would thoughtlessly make such an ominous threat is dangerous.

And third, our president takes his direction from the nation’s most hyper-partisan network on cable news? The network that makes the most mistakes, the network with the most uninformed audience, the network that fails to give context and spews right-wing garbage out into the nation. That network tells our president what to do.


4. Our Cheeto-in-Chief truly has to believe a voting scandal on an epic scale occurred to deny him the popular vote to shield his fragile ego.

Has the fact that the number of “illegal voters” is exactly equal to the number Trump lost the popular vote by escaped anyone? This lie has two intentions. For now, the official “investigation” Trump promised doesn’t appear to actually be happening. What is happening is an independent review done by a Trump supporter — nothing screwy about that!

But this tweet is dangerous because Trump can easily repeat this same lie sometime before the next election (if he makes it to 2020) and dismantle voting rights in the country to rig the game for himself. The second thing the lie intends to do is to shield the President from the fact that he did not win the majority vote. It should bother everyone that the Orange Menace cannot face harsh realities that he finds personally hurtful.

3. He cannot debate on substance and only has ad-hominem attacks in his bag of tricks.

As much as I tend to disagree politically with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, their statement was spot-on. And while I often disagree with the Senators, I would never accuse them of trying to start WWIII. They have served this country both in uniform and in public service for decades. And they were RIGHT. The totally-not-a-ban is stayed for now on a judge’s orders because it wasn’t even fit to wipe beer sh*ts off Steve Bannon’s a$$.

It also shows Trump’s head is plain empty because he could not predict the flaws in his own plan — green card holders kept out, women and children handcuffed, massive confusion by custom’s agents, to name a few. The ban, I mean the not ban, was not properly vetted by the related agencies and was rushed out as quickly as possible via Executive Order.

And if Trump will wildly swing at members of his own party for expressing legitimate concern — wait until you see what he has in store for others.

2. Trump seems to be looking for any excuse to pull federal funding from colleges.

First, UC Berkeley allowed Milo to come speak at the campus. Second, the students protested, as is their right, and outsiders to the campus rioted. This is a naked threat. Don’t allow students their First Amendment rights  — OR ELSE!

1. Donald Trump wants to be a dictator, not a leader in a Democracy.

Not only is it woefully worrisome that the president seems to have just only now discovered there are checks and balances in place to stop him, but it’s worrisome that he is passing off blame to a judge for any future attack that may occur.

Trump has no patience to lead this country. That’s why he has signed so many executive orders — he doesn’t even have the patience to watch his agenda passed by a Republican-majority congress. He wants to dictate from the top and squash all dissent.

Trump is dangerous. This is not normal. And we need to take back Congress and state elections in 2018 to stop him because spineless Republicans are too high on power to save us.

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