Here Are 9 Of The Funniest Political Moments In The Non-Stop Sh*tshow That Was 2016

Believe it or not, there were a few funny moments from the political scene in 2016. While we had to dig deep, we found a few that are sure to make you laugh.

9. A bird landed on Bernie’s podium at a Portland rally. Awe.

8. Donald Trump got really scared. And, who could blame him? He has little, tiny hands!

7. Ted Cruz suffered from “booger lip” during the debates.

(Rumor has it that it was actually a piece of a breath mint, but the affliction shall forever be “booger lip” to us, because hahahahaha!)

6. Jeb! begged people to clap.

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5. Bill and Hillary Clinton saw balloons for the first time in their lives.

4. Gary Johnson asked “What is Aleppo?” with that deer in the headlights look.

3. Jimmy Kimmel addressed the great PickleGate conspiracy.

2. Hillary Clinton was “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis.

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And, last but not least. . .

1. President Obama (for the second time in his presidency) read mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Know of any we missed? Add them to the comments.

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