Here Are All The Times Trump Warned Obama Not To Attack Syria. . . Before HE Attacked Syria

At this point, you can practically make examples of Trump’s hypocrisy and doubling back on previous statements into a drinking game, if you don’t mind alcohol poisoning. While it’s true that people change their opinion, Trump doesn’t have opinions so much as he has moods that shift in unpredictable fashions.

Take this, for instance: early Thursday evening, news began to spread that the Trump administration ordered a missile attack on Syria in response to a gas attack on the Syrian people by Assad.

It looks like there’s going to be boots on the ground and we’re not even 100 days into this clown’s administration.

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While the fallout with Russia will the worth watching, also worth noting is all the times that Trump condemned our leadership for getting involved in Syria. Because boy did he ever:

See, dopey, he won’t go into Syria. In fact, here’s more Tweets proving it:

See if you can spot a common theme with these ones:

I could do this all day.

The caps lock is there to emphasize how many “very bad things” will happen. He doesn’t delete these things, and I’m pretty sure at this point that’s because, like most things out of his sight for 30 seconds or longer, he forgot they exist.

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Lastly, I found this little gem that seems darkly ironic in recent times:

Honestly, I think he’s confusing them for the Republican Party. Obamacare certainly caused their self-destruction. The sad thing, though, is that they’re probably going to take the country along for the ride.

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