Here Are The FACTS Of Hillary’s ’12-Year-Old Girl Rape Case’ No Republican Will Ever Tell You

Trump blatantly lied to not only our nation but the entire world as well when he boldly and falsely accused Hillary of “laughing at” a 12-year-old girl rape victim after Hillary “successfully” defended her attacker in court.

It turns out that Hillary was actually a hero to this little girl and got her more justice than an incompetent legal system was otherwise able to do by preventing her attacker from getting off completely free.

Here are the facts no Republican will ever tell you:

Thomas Alfred Taylor sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl. He was arrested and assigned a public defender because he couldn’t afford an attorney, as is his constitutional right. Hillary, as an officer of the court, was appointed to be his lawyer, though she objected profusely.

The crime lab involved in the investigation accidentally destroyed crucial DNA evidence linking Taylor to the crime. They took the accused’s underpants which had blood on them, cut out a piece for testing then threw it away. This prevented independent verification of the results to confirm a match. Fearing a not-guilty verdict due to loss of evidence, the prosecution sought a plea deal to a lesser charge.

The prosecutor sought a lesser charge. Hillary was not the prosecution. She was the defense.

That’s where Hillary came to the rescue of not only an incompetent justice system but the victim as well. As his defender, she worked out a plea deal to which Taylor would eventually agree because the loss of evidence almost guaranteed a “not guilty.” The deal resulted in him pleading guilty to unlawful fondling of a minor, which got him 1 year in jail and 4 years on probation.

Without Hillary, Taylor would have probably walked out of court a free man.

An audio recording exists of Hillary explaining how she worked out the plea deal because without it, they had virtually no evidence and a losing case.

And that part about her laughing? Turns out that on the tape it’s Arkansas Journalist Roy Reed doing most of that. He was laughing at the blatant incompetence of the crime lab.

Hillary did snicker a little, but again it wasn’t about the girl. Hillary was actually laughing about the fact that the prosecutor in the case didn’t want Hillary to have access to the accused’s underwear before it was presented at the trial — which is not correct because defenders have the right to see all evidence first. Hillary obtained the evidence after the fact, had what remained of the underwear tested, and there was no further evidence found on it.

Another round of chuckling came when Hillary talked about the sexist and patronizing judge who requested Hillary leave the room as they discussed the plea deal — because she was a woman. She informed the judge she couldn’t leave because she was Taylor’s lawyer. The judge responded by saying “I know, but I don’t want to talk about this in front of you.”

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The only thing that Hillary Clinton is guilty of is being smarter than the men she was surrounded by, which is the story of her life for the past 50 years — give or take. Meanwhile, all Republicans are doing is re-victimizing a woman by making her re-live a terrible trauma of her childhood.

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