Here’s How Trump Responded To Castro’s Death…On Twitter…And The Mockery That Ensued

The next leader of the free world didn’t have his speechwriter come up with something respectful to say about a dead head of state. He didn’t consider the fragile relationship the United States has with Cuba or the millions of Cubans who believe Castro was a great man. While his response to the death of an iconic dictator probably played well in Little Havana, the rest of the world made that face, rolled their eyes and said, “what an idiot.”

What was it that Donald Trump had to say that made him look like some imp on the sidelines squawking world politics like he has a clue when everyone knows better? He sent out a celebratory sentiment, complete with exclamation point:

It’s almost like his favorite Nickelodeon show was just renewed for another year. It’s that level of teenage excitement. Hooray! Castro is dead! His brother is alive and well and in charge and we’re in the middle of trying to solidify our relationship with him, but that doesn’t matter. Show those Cubans how much we don’t really give a sh*t about them. It’s what you do.

Twitter has been quick to respond, skewering the giant Oompa Loompa for his meaningless tweet that shows little other than ignorance for protocol:

The fun goes on and on. I’m not saying that Fidel Castro will exactly be missed or that millions of people won’t be excited and celebrating the news, but come on. You sound like a child, Donald. Get a grip.

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