Here’s What Happens When A Gaggle Of Trumpster Idiots Fall For A Fake Obama Quote (SCREENIES)

Boy oh boy are these people dumb. Imagine a world where you can put literally anything on a social media page — real, unreal or completely ridiculous — and the people who go there will buy it, share it, get laughed at by their friends who aren’t nearly as dumb as they are and still believe it to their dying breath. That’s the world of Facebook alt-right conservatism in a nutshell.

There is no such thing as a source. There is no such thing as Google. Snopes and Politifact are liberal conspiracies to hide the truth from the masses. Donald Trump is the most trustworthy person ever. Hillary is a liar and a murderer who personally ordered the Muslim Brotherhood, with Huma Abedin leading the charge, to kill her friend and three others in Benghazi.

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook you’ve seen them. They don’t bother staying where they don’t get ridiculed; they love to come to the left to spout their garbage. As a Liberal Troll, it’s my duty to take the battle back to them and make them look exceedingly foolish. It’s a job I take very seriously. So seriously it is literally my full-time job.

This one is truly a gas. Some friends and I have been building a conservative page for the past year, making it as realistic as possible and gathering support, particularly from Trump fans. At 110K likes, the page has become a bastion of typical conservative racism and hate. Recently we put phase two of the plan into motion, turning the page into pure bullhonkey satire. The memes are now quotes that never happened and the articles, linked to a blog with a satire disclaimer and everything, are more ridiculous than anything you’ll find on Sarah Palin’s page, which says a lot.

One of the recent posts was a quote from President Obama that never happened promising to pardon Hillary Clinton when she’s indicted:


You would think that with such a statement would come demands for a source. Accusations that it’s obviously fake. Something. Alas, this is the alt-right we’re dealing with; the worst of the worst were courted for this page. The second this went up the rage spreading through moms’ basements across America was palpable. Morons by the hundreds grabbed their game controllers and turned on Call of Duty to practice for the coming revolution.

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But no, nobody bothered to question the authenticity. L. O. L.

Here’s what they did do instead:

a1 a2 a3

That’s just a small example of the stupidity. Not to worry, that page isn’t reaching anyone with a brain or changing any votes. One thing we trolls have learned after years of doing this sort of thing is that even moderate conservatives hate these a-holes. They run in circles together, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands, but they segregate themselves from the rest of the world.

You can visit the page and see the post and the comments for yourself. Feel free to troll as much as you like. There’s a plethora of stupid there to play with.

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