Here’s What Happens When A Right-Wing Douchebag Has A ‘Post An Offensive Meme’ Contest (Images)

They have so many names these days even I can’t keep up, and I’m a professional Liberal Troll on George Soros’ payroll. Conservatives, neo-cons, alt-right or teabaggers, no matter what you decide to call the end result is the same: stupid people living in ignorance posting the dumbest sh*t Facebook has to offer. For years now it’s been us versus them, and no amount of “but…can’t we all just get along” is going to change that.

Oh, sure. They want us to believe that the election of their lord Cheeto and Savior of the Oompa Loompas will unite the country; that what we needed all along was an old white guy in the White House to return the country to the glory of…every administration besides Obama. It doesn’t matter that Trump lost the popular vote and takes the Oval Office without a mandate from the people. He won, therefore we should all come together and hold hands…with straight white Christian men.

They haven’t changed one iota. The “not racist” racists of the right are still the same pile of garbage they’ve always been. When you do what I do and infiltrate their groups and pages, you see it first hand on a daily basis. The “unity” they try to sell on a daily basis is a bullhonkey sandwich with extra mayo.

This particular post by a friend of my alt, a good ol’ boy who loves the heck outta Trump, went and proved that point in spectacular fashion with a “post your most offensive meme” thread that will have any decent human being weeping for the future and the children these imbeciles are raising:


What kind of friends you have? What kind of friends do you think, dumbass? If you’ve never had a conservative Facebook profile, you should try it. As soon as you post an eagle and a flag and like one thing on one stupid page you’re inundated with requests from lonely patriots and foreign scam artists. It’s a right of passage from your world of normal people to the world of the knuckledraggers.

Stephens friends didn’t disappoint. Aside from the typical crude, vulgar garbage you might expect on a thread like this, the racism and hate was plentiful. Here’s a nice cross-section of what Stephen’s “friends” offered. It’s the perfect example of racism, sexism, rape culture and crudeness with just enough Islamophobia and gay-bashing to remind you of where you are:

m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 m7 m8 m9 m10 m11 m12 m13 m14 m15 m16 m17 m18 m20 m21 m22 m23 m24 m25

Well, there you have it. I love it when these a-holes put garbage in public posts. It allows me to link to the original post, which you can find HERE so all you fine folks can go and report these idiots into oblivion. Remember, the more reports the merrier! Some of these idiots have multiple posts, too, so you can be integral in getting them kicked off of Facebook for as long as a month.

Yeah, sometimes we trolls do some good after all.

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