Here’s What Happens When You Tell Trumpsters He Appointed A Guy Named Jeff As Press Secretary

Before I get started with what any liberal troll, fan of liberal trolls and most liberals in general will find a heartily entertaining story of deceit and humiliation at the expense of Trumpsters, please heed the following warning: This is not nice. It’s not compassionate. I have zero use for imbeciles and I refuse to treat them with kindness and respect. If you’re one of those people who will trash this bit of trollery in the comments, call me “divisive” or go into a little fit of rage because I sold these idiots “fake news,” please do us all a favor and go watch videos of kittens instead. Thanks in advance.

OK, now that we’re clear, here’s the deal: We, the Paid Liberal Trolls of George Soros have been building a page for conservatives for over a year now. We did it by posting pure vitriol and hate, mostly in the form of memes and links to their favorite propaganda sites. As of now, the Facebook page has 113K likes. Lately we’ve added posts from our own blog, which has already been Snoped 4 or 5 times and has a clear disclaimer that it’s a load of crap, so we could laugh our collective asses off at the stupidity of the comments on the page and make some free beer money with ads.

Yes, we profited from satire. So does the Onion. Get over it.

Anyway, the articles we post are completely absurd. We openly mock them, tell them it’s all fake, call them and their conservative heroes names and still they comment and share. One of the best so far was a breaking news article that Trump had announced his new Press Secretary:

Trump’s press secretary will be his Son Eric’s college roommate’s sister’s cousin Jeff, a business major who switched to journalism in his final year before dropping out to audition for Cats. He didn’t get the part. For the past 11 years he’s worked in the mail room at Trump’s great company sorting letters, never once missing a day or taking a vacation. Rumor has it that’s because he’s sleeping with the supervisor’s daughter, Vicky, but that’s neither here nor there.

Without any scandals to call him on and no last name to search him on Google, Jeff will handle the business of Press secretary differently from those who have held the position in the past. Rather than daily briefings and a gaggle of reporters to deal with, Jeff will instead check the spelling on President Trump’s tweets and hit the little blue button.

Take your time. Read it again. Ask yourself if that sounds like something that is supposed to be even remotely realistic. Now, imagine you’re an idiot and go comment on the page. It might look something like this:

Now, mind you, we’re not Macedonian teenagers trying to sell this crap as real, we’re liberal trolls very openly mocking the intellectually challenged right-wing commoner. It’s to the point now that liberals have found the page and are loving responding to these jackwagons, causing them to double down and reiterate what a great job Jeff from the mailroom will do.

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It’s nothing short of hilarious. If you’re looking for some fun and you’re getting tired of reading about conservatives who think their “big win” that included a less than majority electoral college farce and losses in both chambers of congress is somehow a populist movement for a fascist, this is the page for you. It proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that our opposition is still the same dumber than a bag of hammers imbeciles they were a few months ago, if not worse.

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