He’s At It Again: These Pics Of Trump’s ‘YUGE’ Rally Show He Can’t Stop Over-Compensating (Lying)

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has issues with size. Everything has to be big; “YUGE!!!” He even said in The Art of the Deal that he plays on people’s emotions:

People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole.

Everyone else calls it bullhonkey. Now that we’ve gotten to know him and his wild obsession with size, because to a megalomaniacal narcissist it truly is all that matters, we know that he will absolutely go out of his way to make everything he does seem ten times bigger than it actually is.

Saturday night’s rally in Roanoke, Virginia is the perfect example. Trump has to make everyone believe that he’s in a sea of people at all times. He and his campaign along with propaganda machine Fox News bombarded Twitter with terms like “jam-packed” and “full house” to describe the “massive” crowd that showed up.

It’s no secret that a lot of idiots show up to Trump rallies, but not nearly as many as he’d have you believe. The event was at The Berglund Center. According to reports, more than 10,000 people had tickets to the 9,828 seat arena. Full capacity at the center is listed as 10,800. Here’s the picture Trump distributed to show that he had packed the venue so tightly people were lucky to be able to breathe:

Impressive, right? The view amidst a sea of people, the crowd so full they jam the seats behind Trump and go all the way around the corners. Here’s another look:

He looks so tiny with all those signs around, doesn’t he? How about this angle:

Hmmm….Things are beginning to look a little more clear, aren’t they? Check out the dark and empty balcony to the left. Hey, and what’s with those metal fence things through the middle of the auditorium? Donald Trump wouldn’t be using trick photography to fool people into believing that his little bitty rally is some massive event, would he?

Well…That doesn’t look like a “packed house” at all, does it? For a 10,800 capacity, you’d think every seat would be filled. Even with the standing general admission crowd that’s nowhere near full. I’d venture to say it isn’t close to half full. Hmmm…Let’s have a look at the Berglund Center’s seating chart and see what the deal is:


By my calculations from the pictures available, this is what the crowd in Virginia actually looked like. The sections marked with an “X” were occupied, except for the empty seats behind the giant flags and the floor was cordoned off to allow for some deceptive pictures of a crowd that could have been decent without lying about it. The sections to Trump’s right, meant to give the illusion that the crowd wrapped the auditorium, are nowhere near full and again a giant flag obstructs many:

There’s also a giant void in front of Trump, which is only visible in the images showing off the sides. That’s not something they typically show, as the floor pictures show a man of the people intertwined with the massive crowd, not a man too afraid to have anyone but a Secret Service agent within 20 feet of him.

Sorry, Donald. Your need to over-compensate for your tiny…hands…has been exposed.

The other 7,000 people must be outside having a smoke.

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