Hey, Cheeto…Just Saw Your Thursday Morning Twitter Tantrum–Here’s Some Advice

Listen, stupid. You’re gonna either need to learn when to shut up or just give that damned phone back to Verizon. Every time you spill some nonsense like this you look even dumber than you did yesterday:

Ba derrrrr…Seriously? There are people who lived through Watergate talking about how mild that seems now compared to where you’re sitting. The FBI as well as our intelligence community are making connections between you and the Russians by way of your staff that are, at this point, leading to your inevitable demise and the best you can come up with is “fake news” and “dishonest!”?

How’s this for a dose of reality, Lord Loompa: You’re an idiot; a fraud; a pimple on the ass of the truth. You haven’t uttered an honest word since you learned your family fortune was built on illegal hotels, liquor and prostitution. You know who you are and so do millions of Americans. Your only hope was to convince 62 million morons that you’re a decent human being. You’re not.

It may seem like a plausible plan to continue diverting the attention of the imbeciles who voted for you long enough to wait out this little hump in the road, but you seem to be forgetting something…The American people consist of a hell of a lot more than the low-hanging fruit you picked at those hate rallies of yours. Even among them you’re losing support as they begin to realize that you had no idea what you’d do if you actually won, so you just handed our executive branch off to the likes of Steve Bannon.

Don’t get me wrong, Donnie…watching you scramble and post this sh*t is fairly rewarding, but nowhere near as much as the impeachment proceedings will be. As a man of the people, you have failed. Hopefully you’ll manage to bring Mike Pence down with you so we can get to the business of kicking Paul Ryan’s ass in 2020.

Now do us all a favor and shut the phuk up. We’d much rather you sit quietly while your minions learn that their hero colluded with a foreign power. You’ll have your chance to do your best Nixon impression, we promise.

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