High School Kids Organize Campaign To Send Donald Trump A Bunch Of P*ssies

Now that Donald Trump is just weeks away from being sworn in as president of the United States, many of us a worried that he is going to use his very powerful position to grab all the pussies he can get his hands on. Luckily for us a high school couple has started a non-profit website, Send Trump Pussy, so that we can all protect the women in his administration by giving him plenty of candy pussies to grab with his tiny hands.

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The couple, identified as Jules and Gabe, are seeking $3.99 donations to send the president-elect small vagina shaped lollipops. The about section of their website says they are on a mission to let Trump know how “unsatisfied” they are with his impending presidency. According to Jules and Gabe some of the reasons they are unsatisfied is because “he doesn’t have a filter,” he is a misogynist, he’s wrong on immigration and a number of other reasons.

Here is a photo of the awesome Trump treats:

Screenshot via sendtrumppussy.com

The Huffington Post reached out to the teenagers and they said:

We would really love for people to put their money where their mouths (and social media handles) are and actually work towards sending a tangible message to our unfortunate President-elect Trump while also supporting a very important cause.

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The best part–besides the look on his face been he gets a bunch of pussy lollipops in the mail–is that half of the money donated to the campaign will go to Planned Parenthood to protect women’s rights. Clearly this is a cause Trump gives zero fucks about as illustrated by the number of times he has touched women without consent.

If you would like to help these kids in their campaign, go here.

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