Hillary Clinton Just Got A Subtle Dig In On Trump That Is Sure To Make His Head Explode

Trump lost today — he lost big. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday to continue blocking his Muslim ban, and now the Department of Homeland Security has stopped enforcing it. This is a huge victory for the America that we say we are, and proof that our judicial system isn’t going to roll over in the face of the Tiny Finger’s deluge of executive orders.

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Liberals have been excitedly celebrating this ruling — and justly so. But while liberals, left-wingers, and real Americans in general were razzing on Trump, former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got in a massively subtle but absolutely perfect shot at His Majestic Golden Shower’s ego:

This is subtle, but it’s a reference to fact that the 9th Circuit Court of appeals, which has three sitting judges, unanimously ruled against him.

This beautifully sublime shot at Trump resulted in some hilarious anti-Trump reactions:

Today was a big victory for the America of tolerance and openness, as Clinton’s response reminds us. But we shouldn’t stop here. The only word we should greet Republican attempts at “bipartisanship” with anymore is, “resistance.”

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Well, that and, “fuck off.” You know, a succulent version of what the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals told Trump to do.

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