Hillary Clinton Just Tricked Trump Into Admitting He Doesn’t Pay His Taxes

Monday’s presidential debate was magical. Donald Trump spent the evening embarrassing himself with promises to take guns away from Americans without due process based on New York’s racist and unconstitutional “stop and frisk” policy, and even attacking his opponent’s looks and “stamina.”

Asked about his statement that Clinton doesn’t have a presidential “look,” Trump explained that what he meant was that the nice lady who pushed herself to campaign while suffering from pneumonia, working herself to the point of complete exhaustion, doesn’t have the “stamina” to be President. Apparently, according to Trump, a woman who went through 11 hours of testimony as the subject of a right-wing witch hunt and came out of it with a smile on her face just can’t handle the strain. Since she’s such a failure, Trump says, we might as well blame it on her that Republicans keep blocking infrastructure programs and “squandering” tax dollars on Hillary Clinton’s ideas.

Clinton, of course, decided to hit back, laying a trap for Trump. “Maybe because you haven’t paid any federal income tax in a lot of years,” she said, referencing the mystery surrounding Donald Trump’s tax returns that he refuses to release. And he took the bait:

“It would be squandered too, believe me.”

“Would be.” This phrase reveals something many have speculated about: Donald Trump is not currently paying any federal income tax, or he would have said “it’s being squandered.”

Now we know why he won’t release his tax returns: they reveal that he is a deadbeat, mooching off the American taxpayer as he runs business after business into the ground.

See the scene unfold below:

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