Hispanic Judge Trump Called ‘Unqualified’ Just Gave Him REALLY Bad News

The federal class-action lawsuit by former Trump University students against Donald Trump will officially be proceeding to trial, and there isn’t a damned thing he can do to stop it anymore.

In a written decision — and probably with no small amount of personal satisfaction — Judge Gonzalo Curiel rejected the final remaining motion by Trump’s lawyers to dismiss the case, concluding that former students had raised a genuine concern about whether Trump had “knowingly participated in a scheme to defraud.”

If the name of the judge sounds familiar, it’s because Trump made it so during his campaign. Before today’s ruling, Trump publicly attacked the rulings of Judge Curiel by saying he would be “biased against Trump” due to the fact he has Mexican heritage.

It doesn’t matter to Trump that Judge Curiel was born in Indiana. The simple fact he has Mexican blood meant, in his mind, that the judge would be inherently biased against him because he wants to “build a wall between here and Mexico.” Trump actually said that.

Trump did NOT want this. Not only would it be one more public embarrassment showing that he’s a liar, thief, huckster, fraud, con-man, and so forth, but if he would happen to somehow win the election, he’d be involved in a class-action fraud case almost immediately after election day.

However, what Trump’s REALLY worried about is the money. In the federal case, the RICO claim has a mandatory tripling of damages to plaintiffs. In New York State alone, there’s a $40 million lawsuit seeking restitution for victims of Trump’s fraudulent “university,” and there are other ongoing suits in other state courts as well. The cost’s to Trump after all is said and done would be absolutely colossal, and could possibly send him into personal bankruptcy if the reports of him exaggerating his fortune prove to be true.

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People have said that the election of Trump would be “historical,” and they’d be right. He would be the only elected president, in modern history at least, that would be involved in a federal RICO lawsuit for knowingly committing multi-million dollar nationwide fraud after winning the election.

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  • Don

    Really, you spew this propaganda bullshit…. Is there no moral standards in this country anymore? Apparently not… the media is a paid mouth piece for the elite, no facts presented, just biased opinions of minions doing the dirty work pushing forward an agenda they will regret…….Sheeple……..SMH

    • Patrick

      Factual record in the federal court system is not propaganda. You really should look up the meaning of that word.

    • Daniel Rose

      What are you talking about mouthbreather? Do you even understand the concept of facts? just go away and disappear like your fail candidate will after this election.

    • Derp

      Facts are not propaganda, moron. This is a real case and he really said those things.

  • Mari

    What about the RAPE case????