Holy Sh*t — Everyone Needs To Troll Mike Pence Like This

As Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence signed a bill requiring funerals for fetuses. Along with the absurd burial requirements, the law included some of the strictest restrictions on a woman’s right to choose ever created.

Pence is also the same governor who passed legal discrimination through laws billed as “religious freedom” — even though we already have that issue covered by the United States Constitution.

Now, this nightmarish anti-choice, Planned Parenthood-defunding governor is the Vice President-elect.

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So, what better way to chap the ass of the right-wing governor turned Vice President-elect (who will never, ever hold a candle to the likes of Joe Biden) who also happens to hate Planned Parenthood?

Donate a gift to Planned Parenthood in his name, of course!

The organization has the option to donate a gift “in honor or memory of someone special.” That someone special should be Mike Pence.

Go ahead, send our Vice President-elect a congratulatory notice of your donation to an organization he and his ilk have made a mission to dismantle. And, then sit back and imagine the thousands upon thousands of “certificates of donations” Pence will be receiving.

He will love it, I’m sure. *winky face*

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