How To Convince A Gaggle Of Trumpster Turds To Boycott Fox News

If there’s one thing a Trumpster loves it’s a boycott. They will boycott of the dumbest of reasons. Take, for example, the Hamilton debacle. After the cast addressed Vice-Douchebag Mike Pence, which even he said was perfectly acceptable use of free speech, rednecks and pillbillies across America announced that they would be boycotting the show.

It was hilarious. People who buck against raising the minimum wage and any kind of government assistance living in poverty-stricken red states making minimum wage and collecting food stamps declared in the loudest, most obnoxious way possible that they wouldn’t be spending $400 to $2000 and a trip to the closest major city with a production planned anytime soon, fully expecting the show to go under.

When Nordstrom decided Ivanka Trump wasn’t profitable enough for her own displays and tossed her garbage on the clearance racks, those same imbeciles jumped in their pickemup trucks with their confederate flags to stand outside a store they had most likely never stepped foot in to show their support for a boycott that went nowhere. Right-wingers are the lowest hanging fruit America has to offer, which is why Republicans have such an idiotic platform to cover up the money they’re endlessly shifting to the wealthiest in our society. They have to keep the imbeciles happy.

That’s all well and good, I suppose, since they’re not really hurting anyone, but…is there a way to use this to our advantage? There is if you follow fake news aimed at making conservatives look even dumber than they already do. In a recent article that’s a complete crock of sh*t, it was announced that Whoopi Goldberg would be joining Fox to replace Alan Colmes as their liberal commentator. The result was far more satisfying than you could imagine. Thousands of Trumpsters reacted to the news, which was picked up by every Macedonian fake news outlet on the internet, by demanding a boycott of their own favorite TV station:

Yes, the derp is strong and there is much of it. Much more than I could possibly provide in one article. Luckily, the comment section is public and the page is a complete troll. If you’re a liberal who enjoys a good time at the expense of the daft meatheads who are responsible for a bright-orange fascist running our country, I highly recommend you stop by. There are as many of us as there are of them and the fun is nonstop.

P.S. – If you’re one of those people who thinks this kind of thing is beneath you and that you’re too good to participate, please keep it to yourself. The rest of us are, quite frankly, tired of losing elections because as liberals we’re expected to take the high road. It’s time we showed the American voting public just how dense the Republican base has become. It’s time for us to strike back and fight stupid with fire. It’s time we stopped letting these idiots walk all over our society and our country.

One reader of an article of ours posted at Being Liberal asked that they stop posting our content because we are “inflammatory,” which is beneath us as liberals. What’s beneath us as liberals is being the minority party. What’s beneath us is being forced to sit back and watch as social programs and health care bills are torn to pieces while giant walls and more military spending are pushed with amendments giving even more to the wealthy. Our holier than thou attitude needs an adjustment if we’re going to take our country back because until we do, progress is halted.

That makes it very difficult to be progressive.

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