Hungry Town Regrets Supporting Trump After Harsh Immigration Policy Threatens Their Tacos

Picture it! A small coal mining town, 98% white, 70% of whom voted for the phalangeal challenged Pharaoh. They are euphoric, riding that post electoral hate wagon all the way into the dawn of a new America –a white America, and an immigrant free America. Wait, better yet, an immigrant free West Frankfurt, Illinois. Drop American flag curtain, band plays off.

Everything was perfect…until their tacos were threatened, that is.

West Frankfurt is the poster child for the disappearing 20th century fossil fuel town. A population of just over 8,000, they are clearly awash with bad hombres. Almost certainly their unanimous vote for the toddler-in-chief is indicative they are overrun with feculent immigrants.

All 60 or so of them.

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That’s right, out of a population of 8,196, a whopping 0.7% are Hispanic or Latino. How the white 98% can stand the living space per square footage it is anyone’s guess. Of course, they voted for America’s Orangest Mistake after he promised a crumbling coal industry renewal –a new golden age of coal, shale and slack, and…..mesothelioma. The latter should be fantastic once Congress finally repeals and replaces the ACA.

And he promised to get rid of those pesky illegals. They loved him! That is until Juan Carlos Hernandez Pacheco, one of their own pillars of the community was swept up in an ICE raid and is now festering in a Missouri detention center.

Pacheco has been a successful Mexican restaurant manager in West Frankfurt for over a decade. Happily married and a father of three young boys he was involved in all aspects of local community life with his restaurant at the center of it. He set up Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, brought free meals to local firefighters during a major blaze, and sponsored local high school sports teams. Face it, the guy couldn’t be whiter than if he was called John and was born in well, West Frankfurt.

One resident, Debra Johnson, told the New York Times:

 I knew he was Mexican, but he’s been here so long, he’s just one of us.

The Times went on to explain,”Ms. Johnson went further to distinguish between those that, come over and use the system, and people that actually come and help.”

Translation: He makes fabulous tacos and we need him here to keep making us white folks food.

Does Ms. Johnson and her ilk really think people simply skirt through the grueling Sonoran desert and face the dangers of coyotes because they got it in their noggin’s to have their worldly way with the US system? Get the feck outta here.

The reality is  these are low information voters, driven by an ideology of the invisible enemy.  The enemy they believe is ever threatening, until suddenly it’s not the enemy, and it’s one of their own.  And they’ve played right into the Apricot Autocrat’s deception. It’s easy to hate someone you don’t see every day, until, of course, you do.

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