Hunters More Compassionate Than GOP When Subject Is Shooting Baby Bears From Helicopters

Earlier this week Senate Republican asshats sided with Alaska conservatives that natural predators such as bear and wolves are just far too much competition for big money hunters who visit the state to kill big game on federal lands. So, they did what any good corrupt politicians would do, they passed a bill that lifts a ban on doing things like shooting cubs and pups in their dens, or killing them from the air. The next step and final step is for the newest “de-regulation” to be signed by the Butternut Bigot.

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Alt National Park Service, a group who calls themselves the “Resistance” team of the U.S. National Park Service, formed immediately after the Trump Administration’s silencing of the official accounts shortly after Lord Cheeto’s rise to power. On the Alt page, the organization called out this disastrous regulatory roll-back that will allow the slaughter of baby predators to pave the way for man-babies like the Trump boys to shoot big game like moose and elk with far less effort than true sportsmen.

Now, say what you want about hunting, however, let me just say this. I am not anti-hunting – not in the slightest, actually. I recognize that human beings  are part of the ecosystem and we are predators. While my family is not sustained by meat that we hunt, I wish we were – as those animals at least get to live their lives free of cruelty, in natural environments, their entire lives up until the point they become someone’s dinner. That’s a natural order. That’s truly cage-free, free-range, antibiotic and hormone-free eating.

Responsible hunters also recognize these facts, which is why the eat what they kill and only kill what they eat. They also recognize that killing baby animals, including baby predators, will cause an imbalance to the natural ecosystem. Several responded saying as such:

Hunting, an activity heavily backed by the NRA and big game sporting clubs, is a revenue generator. Not only is the ability to hunt predators like bear and wolves a sadistic wet dream of small-minded (often rich) men, but removing them as competition for taking elk and moose also benefits a hunting industry where “guys getaways” are marketed. While proponents of this legislation cry “state’s rights” over federal lands, it’s fairly easy to see what the true motivation is for such deregulation.

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As with everything else, follow the money. There will surely be a bunch of money hoarders following it.

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