I Took This Picture Of Trump At Ground Zero Right After 9/11 And It Occurred To Me…

When terrorists took down the Twin Towers, I was building a house in Watertown, Massachusetts. Like everyone else that day, the unspeakable horror consumed me. Being as close to New York as I was, I felt I had no choice but to be waiting when that infamous “NYC Closed” sign was turned off. I had to see it for myself.

When I got to lower Manhattan, you couldn’t get below Canal Street, which was quite a distance from the actual site, but what I witnessed that day was far more … human … than a pile of smouldering rubble. I wiped tears from my eyes non-stop as I witnessed the people of New York coming together like nothing you could imagine from just watching the news.

There were the people handing out fliers for their missing loved ones. One woman looked at me crying and said, “please … if you see my daughter tell her we haven’t forgotten her birthday.” The students from NYU dropped posterboards in Central Park at Strawberry Fields and left markers for people to write their thoughts. I looked down and saw a cartoon of a plane frowning with the caption “Boston is sorry” and the tears came again. I held hands and prayed with complete strangers in Union Square and I don’t particularly believe in prayer.

Everything I witnessed that day turned the horror of all of that death and destruction into faith in the inherent good of the American people. There was no color, there was no religion, there was no gay or straight. There was only unity and love.

And there was Donald Trump.

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The only negative thing I experienced that day was Donald Trump. I was standing on West Street watching the volunteers pour in from across the country. There were police cars, fire engines and ambulances from every imaginable area of America, all there for one reason: to find and recover possible survivors. Trump, having just received a tour of the site, was walking north, away from the wreckage. The only thing he had to say to anyone was “no pictures.” So I took this picture:

trump 911 c

Trump had obviously just witnessed unspeakable horrors. I got to witness it myself the following day when my father and I brought a carload of jeans, socks and one item most people were neglecting: saline solution. They needed it to flush the eyes of those sifting through the rubble bucket by bucket. They sent us down to the site and the things I saw and smelled will never leave my memories. I understand why Donald Trump wasn’t exactly in a good mood.

That wasn’t what angered me this morning when I looked at this picture for the first time in many years. It brought me back to that moment when I thought to myself, “why the hell does Donald Trump need two cops, a patrol car, three security goons and a woman who was apparently from the Secret Service?”

The two cops were on the sidewalk between Trump and the small gathering of people who were there with signs shouting “thank you” to the volunteers heading to the site. The two other security goons are out in front along with the one behind him and the woman, who I only assume is secret service because of her US Secret Service hat, appears to be who gave him the tour. The Corrections car was moving along slowly next to him.

As the southbound side of West Street served as a non-stop supply line of volunteers and resources, the northbound side served as a drain on those resources, because the ever-important Donald Trump probably demanded he be kept safe from the people of New York who — from what I witnessed — couldn’t have cared less that a quasi-famous real estate jerk was walking down the street.

The entire episode goes to the character of the man if you ask me. Knowing what was happening just a few blocks behind him and the massive effort underway by first responders, you’d think he could have at least said, “you know what, I have three guys. You’re way too busy to dedicate anyone to me.”

Alas, the entourage went forward, with Trump scowling and shouting “no pictures” until he thankfully disappeared from sight.

And in the end, nobody cared that he was ever there at all.

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  • wingnutbuster

    I guess he needs the entourage to clear space in case he decides he wants to try fellating himself in public.

  • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    He is a sociopath. What do you expect?

  • Old Top Kick


  • DERP

    meh… he’s a douchebag, bit this is fishing.

  • James Farrington

    Photo shopped

    • Our author took it himself, so no it’s not. lol

  • Ed McKenzie

    In all fairness he was probably in shock and not thinking about that stuff,probably wondering where his friends and family were

    • Busta Troll

      His family was safe in their penthouse in midtown. He has no friends.

      • joanne parker

        you are troll, troll

  • Patty Brantley

    Trump was probably looking for those “thousands of Muslims on the Jersey shore who were cheering.”

  • Ina

    Trump was on line with his hand out after 9/11. It took $150,000 from the 9/11 fund which was for rebuilding small mom and pop businesses. He is a miserable person. I hope karma gets him good and soon

  • Larry Dague

    It’s fake..this is a photo likely from July of this year. Look at Trump…the jowels…the girth…google “pic of donald trump 2001″…he wasn’t anywhere close to this. The SS girl IS an SS girl because the freak is running for president….that day started at 65 degrees…got up to 73…but all those people are dressed for July…google pics of the people looking up…most are dressed for September even if it was a cool day…..

    • Busta Troll

      Know what’s really funny Larry? Not only did I PERSONALLY take this picture on September 13th, 2001, but Trump proceeded immediately thereafter to an interview with German TV. Notice the suit he’s wearing, the date, etc. Pointing out what an absolute idiot you are has been fun. Jackass.