Ice Cream Shop Asks The Internet To Create ‘Seattle-Only Flavors,’ It Escalates…Quickly

Is the Great Orange Sherbet’s shenanigan’s getting you down? Are you over the current bitter the political rantings and ready for a sweet distraction? Look no further than the Emerald City of Seattle. Portland’s ice cream chain, Salt & Straw Ice Cream, is fixing its eyes on expanding to that great hippy wonder that is Seattle. In an innocent marketing ploy, they asked the citizens of Seattle what flavor would best represent the Rain City.

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Of course, the people on Facebook responded to the request but it didn’t quite go the way the shop had hoped. Maybe they didn’t get the memo about not asking the internet to create or name things?

You can trigger ice cream servers? *Leans in* tell me more?

Toll bridge is rather a delicacy this time of year.

Look lady, this isn’t Willy Wonka.

True! Needs spicing up with say, an effective executive and a legislature that isn’t cannibalizing itself. Then again, bland can be soothing.

Now, hold on, my man bun takes hours to coif.


Gerry, you feckin’ legend.


But, I think Tom may have just outdone us all.


Tom wins the interweb, and the key to my cold frozen heart.

Either the ice cream shop has never heard of Boaty McBoatface or this was a brilliant marketing strategy. I mean, Hell, I live in Georgia and I know this shop’s name now. Haha.

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