Idaho Republicans Seek To Arm And Train Teenagers In Latest Bout Of Pro-Gun Hysteria

In the latest effort to arm every man, woman — and now seemingly literally — child in the United States, a Republican lawmaker from Idaho has introduced legislation to bring firearms into the classroom, apparently to ensure that teenagers in Idaho are saturated with exposure to dangerous weapons in every conceivable environment.

Ron Nate of Rexburg, Idaho has proposed a bill which would allow high school students to take courses in the operation of guns while in school — because what better way to ensure that American youth are prepared for the 21st century workforce than to train them in the use of firearms rather than to adequately train them in computer science, English, or critical thinking skills so that they may distinguish the real news from propaganda?

This is just one more example of a long procession of NRA backed legislation  designed to ensure that the most unqualified and potentially dangerous demographics in America have unfettered access to firearms, from opposing a federal law that would have prevented anyone on a terrorism watch list from buying a gun, to an Iowa law passed several years ago that granted blind people the ability to get gun permits.

The gun lobby has a vested interest of keeping gun manufacturers’ profit margins as high as possible, and so far they are succeeding in pushing guns on the American public with the tenacity and zeal of Islamic State recruitment efforts. I don’t know about you, but the thought that a mentally-unstable blind teenager with demonstrated connections to Al Qaeda might be waving around a high-powered Glock or Remington in a high school classroom near me doesn’t put me at ease.

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This comes at a time when Idaho ranks 46th in the country in overall education, and can’t find enough money to adequately pay public school staff or provide food for impoverished students. In fact, a cafeteria worker was fired not long ago for mercifully giving a hungry student a free meal, a meal which cost the state $1.70 (the worker was offered their job back after the public outrage over the incident, but it’s the principle of the thing!). Maybe if the law passes, students in Idaho can shoot one of those bears that Betsy DeVos is so concerned about and live off the meat for a few days.

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