If You’re Not Following ‘Trump’s Ties’ On Twitter You’re REALLY Missing Out

Donald Trump is a f*cking mess. He is a mess as a leader. He is a mess as a human being. And, his dress represents that.

Trump’s ties fit that bill perfectly. They are super wide, super long – often scotch taped – and made in China. (But, totally, Make America Great Again!)

I mean seriously, what man wears his tie hanging down in front of his crotch? Trump, that’s the man.

One troll account on Twitter has taken note of Cheeto’s most slovenly accessory and turned it into comic gold.

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There are days when they can be used as a leash, which is perfect for a Toddler-in-Chief.

Sometimes, they just reach out and grab people by the. . .

Or be used to dab the sweat from one’s forehead when meeting the actual leader of the free world.

They can be used to gloat after an election win. Because nothing one-ups magic underpants like a super long tie.

These super long ties can even mark territory. . .

OMG, Chris Christie’s pants are so short but Trump’s tie is sooooo long! Trump must feel so accomplished.

Old Rudy just wanted to grab him by the. . . but he settled for the tie.

♫♫”Here comes the bride. . .”♫♫

There is no caption that can even come close to measuring up for this one. . .

OMG that stupid thumb’s up!

I don’t know who is behind @TrumpsTies, but these are brilliant.

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Oh Photoshop, we absolutely love you right now!

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