Ignorant Fox Host Makes Fool Of Herself During Sad Attempt To Mock NASA (TWEETS)

Popular Fox “News” host Greta Van Susteren once again made herself look like an idiot, this time for trying to poke fun of the NASA space program … and failing miserably. In what will surely go down in history as one of the stupidest Tweets ever to grace the Internet, Van Susteren postulated that NASA was all part of some big government conspiracy after the agency released magnificent photographs of Pluto.

The host of Fox’s program On the Record released the following brain-numbingly ignorant statement earlier today in response to NASA’s original Tweet about the pictures:

Greta doesn’t understand anything technical, aside from how the teleprompter works at Fox News – and even then it’s because that intern … whats his name Jason … Jamin … Justin … whatever makes hand signals so she knows to read the words on it.

The reason that it takes a while for things like this to get released is because of the distance between Pluto and Earth. The signal from a probe is incredibly weak, so it means you get a very low data rate. Try downloading some high res pictures on a really old dial-up modem, but imagine the modem can be affected by the weather, the rotation of the earth, and the seasons (like if the Sun is blocking the transmission for a time).  Either way — WHO CARES if it takes a while to get this stuff released? It isn’t like the truth about Benghazi is written on the surface of Pluto.

So it seems obvious that while most of us were busy learning how the solar system, space-time, and satellites work, Van Susteren was apparently focused on something else … perhaps honing her fantastic “how to effectively lie to people and pretend you’re smart with a straight face” skills.

Van Susteren, along with the rest of the Fox “News” crew, once again prove that America desperately needs more funding for education. Here’s a big “thank you” to all of them for inadvertently making another “evil liberal talking point” abundantly clear, thus continuing to make our mission that much easier!

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture

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  • Cap’n Rahn

    Diana Bauerso got it wrong as well.

    4 LightYears…(2.351 × 1013 miles) to Pluto… really? That is roughly (actually 4.37 light years) the distance to the closest star from our sun, Sol.

    I think she meant well but she didn’t understand why the light years was vs radio wave propagation in a vacuum.

    Between Earth and Pluto radio waves take only around four and a half hours one way.

    Makes quick course changes very difficult. ????

  • joe

    2.5 Megabits, at 1 kilobit per second: it takes 42 minutes to return one LORRI photo to Earth. Most communications sessions last about eight hours. That’s eleven images per communications session. And that assumes that New Horizons is transmitting only LORRI data, which it’s not; there are other science instruments and spacecraft housekeeping data, too. The Deep Space Network has only three 70-meter dishes, and there is a lot of competition for time on them; New Horizons is lucky to get one communications session per day. And while New Horizons is pointing its dish at Earth, it can’t point at anything else, including Pluto. It has to choose between communicating and taking data.